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Let’s face it: travel isn’t all palm trees and coconuts. At the same time, you don’t have to be “extreme” to tell a good story. That’s exactly the point. And travel takes many forms. Something funny might have happened to you at the 7-11 outside the Convention Center in Reno, or on your morning jog in Central Park, but if it happened while you were away from home, it’s fair game. Here’s why: The best kind of travel is the least-expected. Even if it means narrowly escaping disaster. Especially if it means narrowly escaping disaster. Ever think to yourself, “I shoulda stayed home”? Tell us your story.

Think of it as the online home for thoughtful stories about the wheels coming off and what happened next. Cultural gaffes. Misadventures. Cautionary Tales. So: Submit them, especially if they’re funny. Make them compelling. (And yes, make them true, or risk the lash of karmic whips). This is the place for off-the-road tales of the outlandish, the ridiculous, and the embarrassing. Basically everything that daily life is not. Snapshots, videos, links, cartoons, postcards all welcome. We can use your name, or not. Your call.

About me: I’m an adventure travel, food, drink and current events magazine writer originally from Oregon and currently bivouacked in Brooklyn. I’m usually in over my head, despite my best intentions. Much more interesting that way. Follow me on Twitter at XdentalXtremist; we’re on FaceBook, too.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing libelous or defamatory will see the light of day. Unless previously published or otherwise arranged, material published here becomes property of The Accidental Extremist. Content may be edited for length/clarity. Send posts to submissions [at] theaccidentalextremist [dot] com. Happy Trails!

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