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Because It Might Be There [Off the Map]
I'm pretty sure it's down there.

Yep, I'm pretty sure it's right down there.

     We don’t usually repost from other blogs, but this interview with New Yorker writer David Grann on his new book, The Lost City of Z,  for The Daily Beast is simply too entertaining to pass up. Hats off to Grann, who fell way off the map searching for clues to the disappearance of Percy Fawcett, the celebrated, ill-fated, Victorian Explorer. We’ll be leafing through the book on the way to getting lost soon. – CDB

Paddling In Circles [Water Water Everywhere]

River trips are tailor-made for glorious mishap. Travel writer and Travel Channel TV host Tim Sohn  (‘Gone Missing’) passed us this tale of woe in the Amazon, and here’s his Flickr set from the experience.

EXCERPT: By the end of the second day, Andrew had lost his pants and was wearing only boxers, a cargo boat had nearly split our raft in two, and Mike had retreated belowdecks on his support boat. But Rick, the Aussie, our frequent companion at the back of the pack, had taken to alternately doing yoga on his raft and leading his teammates in choruses of “Row, row, row your raft”—though they rarely paddled, even gently…